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2024/06/03: On the route to hydrogen from algal enzymes 

A research team from Bochum has been able to reveal a crucial detail that is ultimately essential for the production of hydrogen by biocatalysts.

2023/11/29: Release the brake of biocatalysis 

Formaldehyde can inhibit enzymes that produce hydrogen very efficiently. Researchers from Bochum have discovered how this can be prevented.

2023/10/27: Protection of a biocatalyst from oxygen 

Targeted genetic channel modifications can protect hydrogen-producing enzymes from harmful oxygen.

2023/08/23: Our group organized the faculty celebration 2023 in the Botanical Garden

The academic celebration in the conference center and the following festivity in the botanical garden for the graduates of biology and biotechnology this year was arranged by the Photobiotechnology group.

2023/07/02: Hydrogenase Conference 2023 in Walla Walla

The 13th International Conference on Hydrogenases took place at the end of June.

2023/06/12: Hendrik Wüst & Martin Paul visit Osaka 

RUB rector Martin Paul accompanied Hendrik Wüst for a week and took the opportunity to visit three Japanese partner universities of the Ruhr University.

2023/06/10: Chlamy Conference 2023 in Princeton

After a pandemic break, the world's largest conference on the green alga Chlamydomonas finally returned at the beginning of June.

2023/01/18: An Old Yellow Enzyme helps algae combat photooxidative stress 

Old Yellow Enzymes have been known for almost 100 years, but their function in organisms has remained largely in the dark. A Bochum-based research team published first findings on microalgae.

2023/01/11: How to protect biocatalysts from oxygen 

A genetic modification can make enzymes that produce hydrogen more stable.

2022/12/21: When algae produce green hydrogen at night 

Bochum biology intensifies German-Japanese cooperation for the production of literally green hydrogen.