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2023/01/18: An Old Yellow Enzyme helps algae combat photooxidative stress 

Old Yellow Enzymes have been known for almost 100 years, but their function in organisms has remained largely in the dark. A Bochum-based research team published first findings on microalgae.

2023/01/11: Protect biocatalysts from oxygen 

A genetic modification can make enzymes that produce hydrogen more stable.

2022/12/21: When algae produce green hydrogen at night 

Bochum biology intensifies German-Japanese cooperation for the production of literally green hydrogen.

2022/12/16: A toxin helps understand hydrogen-producing biocatalysts 
2022/08/09: Interview at bdew
2022/05/31: Duo successfully completes doctorate
2022/01/01: German-Japanese funding starts
2021/09/30: Symposium
2021/09/03: Chlamy2020+1
2014/04/01: Anja Hemschemeier and Thomas Happe´s new article

We are pleased that Anja Hemschemeier and Thomas Happe´s article "Metalloprotein Mimics - Old Tools in a New Light" has been published in the journal Trends in Biotechnology.