News archive 2022

2022/12/21: When algae produce green hydrogen at night 

Bochum biology intensifies German-Japanese cooperation for the production of literally green hydrogen.

2022/12/20: PhD defense of Lingling Liu and Andreas Rutz

The Photobiotechnology work group congratulates Lingling Liu and Andreas Rutz on obtaining their doctoral degrees!

2022/12/16: A toxin helps understand hydrogen-producing biocatalysts 

The toxic cyanide molecule attacks enzymes, but also provides new insights into catalysis.

2022/12/01: International visitors to the Photobiotechnology

Guests from Japan, the USA, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom presented their research in a joint symposium over several days.

2022/08/09: Interview at bdew 

Biohydrogen: On the verge of becoming a living factory?

2022/05/31: Duo successfully completes doctorate

We congratulate Dr. Claudia Brocks and Dr. Stefanie Böhmer on their successful PhD.

2022/01/01: German-Japanese funding starts

BMBF funding for the "H2-Lab - German-Japanese Laboratory for Structure Determination for the Development of Biofuel Cells" will start in 2022.