News archive 2018

2018/12/11: Symposium in China 

We are delighted about the second successful symposium in Qingdao (China), which took place from 26th to 28th November 2018 within the scope of the Sino-German research collaboration Sigal4NRG.

2018/11/09: Fully identified: The pathway of protons

Congratulations to Jifu Duan on his publication in Nature Communications on "Crystallographic and spectroscopic assignment of the proton transfer pathway in [FeFe]-hydrogenases"

2018/10/10: Membership of the Photobiotechnology group in the ZIM-cooperation network

We are happy about the membership of the Photobiotechnology group in the ZIM-cooperation network "Microalgae – a sustainable source of high quality natural products"

2018/09/27: Cluster of Excellence secures further funding

We are delighted about the once again successful secured funding of our cluster of excellence Ruhr Explores Solvation (Resolv) and congratulate our partners on the achievement.

2018/09/07: Imprinting sensors and solar panels

Congratulations to Thomas Happe on his publication in Chemical Science on "Preventing the coffee-ring effect and aggregate sedimentation by in situ gelation of monodisperse materials"

2018/08/20: DNA-based artificial enzymes

Congratulations to Anja Hemschemeier and Thomas Happe on their review in Nature Reviews Chemistry on "The plasticity of redox cofactors: from metalloenzymes to redox-active DNA"

2018/04/12: Launch of Signal4NRG

We are delighted about the official launch of "Sigal4NRG - Sino-German lab for algal bioenergy", which was announced during the kick-off meeting in Qingdao (China).