News archive 2021

2021/10/11: Collaborators wanted

The Photobiotechnology group is looking for two coworkers within the framework of the VolkswagenStiftung funding for an application-oriented and industry-driven project.

2021/09/30: Lecture at the symposium of the "Research Network Sauerland Schools"

At the 1st symposium of the "Research Network Sauerland Schools" Associate Professor Dr. Anja Hemschemeier inspired students in the auditorium of the Gymnasium an der Hönne with a presentation about her research on the extraction of hydrogen from algae.

2021/09/03: Chlamy2020+1

Successful Chlamy congress in France

2021/08/09: MERCUR funds DNA nanotechnology

MERCUR funds cooperative research project in DNA nanotechnology

2021/07/13: Publication in Dalton Transactions

Congratulations to our coworkers and Oxford collaborators on their publication in Dalton Transactions

2021/02/22: New publication on protonation in [FeFe]-hydrogenases

 New publication in Dalton Transactions on "Site-selective protonation of the one-electron reduced cofactor in [FeFe]-hydrogenase"

2021/02/11: Student Competition iGEM 2021

Are you interested in the field of synthetic biology? Are you fascinated by solving everyday problems through interdisciplinary research? Would you like to collaborate with others to develop solutions to the world's everyday problems? Build a better world with iGEM!

2021/02/02: Hydrogen-producing enzyme protects itself from oxygen

The discovery could allow oxygen-stable enzymes to be used as hydrogen producers

2021/01/06: Enzyme twin with biotechnological potential

Green algae possess two nearly identical hydrogen-producing enzymes. One has been studied for decades, while the other has received little attention - until recently.