News archive 2016

2016/12/22: Christmas bowling

At the Christmas celebration this year the Photobiotechnology work group enjoyed bowling and completed this evening with a delicious dinner.

2016/10/24: Publication in JACS

We are delighted about the joint publication "Electrochemical investigations of the mechanism of assembly of the active-site H-cluster of [FeFe]-hydrogenases" in JACS, which is a result of a collaboration with our partners in Oxford.

2016/09/19: Meeting of Sun2Chem

Successful project meeting of the French-English-German research association Sun2Chem in Oxford, Great Britain.

2016/09/11: Invited talk by Anja Hemschemeier in Hamburg

Anja Hemschemeier gives an invited talk at the "19th International Conference on Oxygen Binding and Sensing Proteins" in Hamburg.

2016/08/25: Water ski park excursion

The excursion of the chair Plant Biochemistry and the Photobiotechnology work group takes the researchers to the water ski park in Duisburg.

2016/07/28: Poster presentation in Kyoto

Anne Sawyer, Anja Hemschemeier and Christina Marx present a poster about current research results at the international congress "Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas" in Kyoto (Japan). Melis Düner gives a talk about "The Role of the Soluble Guanylate Cyclase CYG12 in the Acclimation of Chlamydomonas to Anaerobiosis".

2016/07/01: Publication in Chemical Science

We are happy about the joint publication with collaborators from Osaka and the RUB "A structural view of synthetic cofactor integration into [FeFe]-hydrogenases", which was published in the journal Chemical Science.

2016/05/31: Inaugural lecture von Anja Hemschemeier

We congratulate Anja Hemschemeier on her inaugural lecture where the habilitation certificate was solemnly awarded to her.

2016/05/30: Synthesis of hydrogen

When enzymes assemble themselves in the test tube
We congratulate Jens Noth on his publication in the journal Angewandte Chemie about "[FeFe]-Hydrogenase with chalcogenide substitutions at the H-cluster maintains full H2 evolution activity".


2016/05/02: VW foundation symposium

The Photobiotechnology work group successfully supports the organization of the statussymposium of the funding initiative "Functional Macroscopic Systems" of the Volkswagen foundation.

2016/02/09: Anja Hemschemeier authorized to teach

We congratulate Anja Hemschemeier on her authorisation to teach awarded to her by the faculty council.

2016/02/09: Publication in ChemSusChem

We congratulate David Adam on his publication in ChemSusChem about "Sunlight dependent hydrogen production by photosensitizer/hydrogenase systems".

2016/01/25: Accession to the Ruhr h2 Network

Thomas Happe becomes a member of the advisory board of the Ruhr h2 Network, which promotes the potential of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.